• Choong Ee Vonne, Dr. Rashad Yazdanifard,


Leaders play a very important role in leading people, especially employees in a company, towards the right path. Due to the shifts of many eras, the replacement of different generations of people in the workforce and the swift changes in technology; there has to be changes and adjustments made on the behaviors of leaders and how it affects employee’s performance. In this essay, research is made on the latest leadership behaviors and its effect on employee’s performance.
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EE VONNE, DR. RASHAD YAZDANIFARD,, Choong. The Latest Leaders Behavioral Patterns and how they Affect Employees Performance. Global Journal of Management And Business Research, [S.l.], sep. 2014. Available at: <https://www.journalofbusiness.org/index.php/GJMBR/article/view/1314>. Date accessed: 16 aug. 2017.